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About Us

Welcome to Golden Highway Jewelry On-Line Store!

GOLDEN HIGHWAY JEWELRY is the exclusive distibutor of Lucky Stone Jewelry in the Midwestone of the largest manaufacturers of Mystic Topaz jewelry.

We believe in quality. All our silver lines are GUARANTEED to made of 925 sterling silver. Sample product is tested through each casting. All our stones are hand-set and hand-polished to its perfection. Unlike conventional wax setting and mass tumbling, our silver jewelry can be compared with any white gold jewelry, and will not give you problems during sizing. All out gold jewelry are GUARANTEED to be plumb to the karat standard.

Also, we use GUENIQUE PATENTED stones in every piece. That is how we gurantee our quality.

We constantly change our product mix whether it is a new color or a new cut. Our prodcuts are widely represented in the Bahamas, Alska, Canada and all major cities in the US.

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Address: 20836 Hall Road #347, Clinton Twp., MI 48038
Tele: (586) 491 3985