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Our Mystic Fire Green Topaz Collection
Enjoy the rainbow of colors and the unimaginable fashion
Mystic Topaz is a natural topaz enhanced with at least one thin layer of a metallic compound. Other elements may be applied at various thickness to the stone. When viewed at different angles, the stone changes its color with different reflected light. Mystic Fire Green, Twilight,Pink and Teal are some of the well known colors. All produce a kaleidoscope of iridescent hues with an underlying dominant color. Mystic Topaz is an ideal substitute for colors virtually impossible in nature. Over 300,000 carats are sold each month. We proudly manufacture Mystic topaz Jewelry in sterling silver and 14K yellow/white gold.

This entire section is devoted to Mystic Fire Green! Please inquire us for additional styles and wholesale opportunities.

MF QF01858
RD8X8 $68.00
MF R70258
OV12X10 $64.00
MF R70782
OV8X6 $44.00
MF R80645
MQ12X6 $48.00
MF R81221
MQ10X5 $40.00
MF UR050011
OV8X6 $40.00
MF UR050067
OCT14X10 $100.00
MF UR050107
HT7X7 $40.00
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MF P30464
OV10X8 $56.00
MF P30464-A
OCT10X8 $60.00
MF P31375
OV10X8 $48.00
OV10X8 $64.00
MF UP050036
OV12X10 $56.00
MF UP050084
OV7X5 $32.00
MF UP050145
OV10X8 $40.00
MF UP050161
OV12X10 $68.00
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