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Our Lucky Stone Collection
Family, Friends, Good Health and Wealth are the four elements of every Lucky Stone. All our Lucky Stone Collection are made of 925 Sterling Silver set with cubic zirconia (CZ). Most sizes of rings are in stock for immediate delivery. Special sizes can be ordered and usually takes up to two weeks for completion. All the styles can be ordered in 14k Yellow Gold or 14k White Gold.

Lucky Stone is an international patented product. We are the U.S. exclusive distributor and carry a large inventory for immediate dilvery. Please inquire us for additional styles and wholesale opportunities.

LK 434RZ4
OV8X6 $64.00
LK 557R26
HT7X7 $44.00
LK R24980L
OCT8X6 $52.00
LK R25468
OV10X8 $52.00
LK R70258
OV12X10 $48.00
LK R70782
OV8X6 $44.00
LK R82198
OV11X9 $56.00
LK R82519
OCT8X6 $36.00
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LK UP050025
OV16X12 $40.00
LK UP050026
OCT16X12 $68.00
LK UP050033
OCT12X10 $36.00
LK UP050036
OV12X10 $36.00
LK UP050061
OV12X10 $56.00
LK UP050141
OCT18X13 $68.00
LK UP050161
OV12X10 $56.00
LK UP050162
OV8X6 $44.00
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LK UE050220
OV9x7 $48.00
LK UE050256
OCT7x5 $40.00
LK UE050283
RD5x5 $36.00
LK UE050284
RD6x6 $40.00
LK YE0091
RD8x8 $48.00
LK YE0092
RD10x10 $60.00
LK YE0093
HT8x8 $52.00
LK YE0094
HT10x10 $60.00
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UB 050438
16OV10x8 $200.00
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