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Our Poeny Red Topaz Collection
Topaz with its relatively high refractive index and hardness of 8, and with no special sensitivity to chemicals can be used in jewelry making.
Mystic topaz displays all the colors of rainbow in one stone. The shades of colors are displayed in kleidoscopic designs. To convert, the stone is coated with an extremely thin titanic film that produces the optical effect. The treatment is durable hard and is protected by US patent laws.
Royal Blue displays the most beautiful color of sapphire, and Peony Red reminds you the elegance of rubies. Glacier gives you all the possible imagination.
PO CR450-F
PR 12X9 5CT $72.00
PO UR050094
OV 10X8 $60.00
PO UR050109
HT 8X8 2CT $40.00
PO UR050208
OCT 10X8 4CT $76.00
PO UR050264
OCT 12X10 $84.00
PO UR050410
5CT $88.00
PO YR0435
OCT 8X6 1.4CT $56.00
PO YR0437
OV 10X8 3CT $60.00
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OG UP050703
ANT 10X10 3.5CT $60.00
PO UP050561
OV 12X10 5.5CT $92.00
PO UP050645
RD 12X12 7CT $84.00
PO YP0035
12X10 OCT 7CT $100.00
PO YP0230
HT 10X10 4CT $60.00
PO YP0264
8X8 2CT $40.00
PO YP0488
RD 8X8 2CT $68.00
PO YP0490
OCT 12X10 7CT $84.00
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PO YE0101
OCT 8X6 3.5CT $64.00
PO YE0109
RD 5X5 2CT $44.00
HT_8X8_4.5CT $68.00
OCT_8X6_3.6CT $56.00
OCT10X8_8CT $104.00
OV_12X10_11CT $128.00
RD_8X8_4.7CT $68.00
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