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Ammolite is an opal-like organic gemstone found primarily in Alberta, Canada. It is made of the fossilized shells of ammonites which in turn are composed primarily of aragonite, the same mineral that makes up nacreous pearls. It is one of the few biogenic gemstones, others include amber and pearl.
Its hardness is 4.5-5.5.
An iridescent opal-like play of color is shown in fine specimens, mostly in shades of green and red. However, all the spectral colors are possible.
The ammolite itself is actually very thin sheet. A cap is used to protect the stone and acts as a lens that has the effect of enhancing its iridescent display.
Ammolite quality is graded based on the number of primary colors. The most valuable grades have three or more primary colors.
In late 1990s, practitioners of Feng Shui began to promote ammolite as an "influential" stone.
They believe it has the power to enhance well being and detoxify the body by improving its flow and energy. Red, green and yellow is the most sought after to enhance growth, wisdom and wealth. Blue and purple are very hard to find.
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